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Real Estate Finance

JMON Private Realty Loans is a private money lending initiative which provides loans through immediate funds. The process of financing, loan application and processing, cash is a very fast process. We offer all types of Real Estate Loans. Contact Us Now!

Business Loans

If you are looking to start a new business and need some upfront money to get things going, an unsecured business loan may be just the funding option to get your business off its feet. With unsecured business loans becoming more competitive, they are quickly becoming a viable option to fund your business' start up and operations. Contact Us Now!!

Construction Finance

As a private Money Lending firm, we have all you need for your construction loans,.a construction loan is a more specific type of loan, designed for construction and containing features such as interest reserves, where repayment ability may be based on something that can only occur when the project is built. Thus, the defining features of these loans are special monitoring and guidelines above normal loan guidelines to ensure that the project is completed so that repayment can begin to take place.

Personal Loans

JMON Private Realty Loans has made available personal unsecured no credit check loans of up to $11,000 and above for immediate access. Even persons with bad credit or no credit can be approved to receive a loan easily online. This service is available now for anyone that needs access to cash fast. No extra steps are involved, just cash quickly in the hands of the borrower with no faxing and no collateral needed. Minimum Loan Request Amount $11,000


John Love

I got my loans within 2 working days and purchased my home at ease.


Its wonderful to know there are private money lenders out there who have bad credit borrowers like me in mind. I have been trying to get a loan for my home purchase for months but i just couldn't get that done with the traditional lenders,because of my bad credit profile, until i was referred to you guys. Thank you so much, my family now has a place they can call home.


At first i was a bit skeptical when i was told to purchase the insurance policy for my loan, i tried to avoid it but i was told it's the only way to proceed. So i made payments with my fingers crossed. 'Boy' am very glad i was funded immediately. Now i have my business running free of debt. Thanks JMON Private Realty Loans


I was planning an event last month, suddenly my equipment broke down 48hrs to the event, i didn't know what to do because i had no money on me and couldn't get a loan from a traditional bank,so i went on a search online and found JMON Private Realty Loans(JMON Private Realty Loans)and i was so amazed how the whole process was fast and efficent. I got approved within 3hrs and got funded the next morning. Thank you so much you saved me a lot.

Completed Projects

SUMMARY Total Permitted Projects: 77 Permitted 6 Currently Under Construction 45 Completed (since Jan 2013) 26 Development Cost Figures: Permitted $675,000,000 Currently Under Construction $2,756,000,000 Completed (since Jan. 2013) $290,000,000 Total: $3,721,000,000
Totals by Category
(permitted, under construction and recently completed) Project

Biotech/Medical 2 Cultural
(Includes facilities related to arts, culture, sports & entertainment) 1 Education 1 Hotel 2 Hotel/Office 2 Hotel/Residential 1 Office 8 Office/Residential
1 Residential
50 Retail 6 Transportation 3
Total Hotel Rooms 822
Total Condo Units 707
Total Apartment Units 7,393

Green Building Certifications

Permitted 3 Currently Under Construction 11 Completed (since Jan. 2013)





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JMON Private Realty Loans, a James Monroe Capital Corp initiative which provides loans through immediate funds. The process of financing, loan application and processing, cash is a very fast process, because the monies are not from traditional lending entities but from private investors, less personal information is required for the application approval. For many mortgages or other financial backings, a look into a persons credit and at their credit score determines whether a finance is approved or not. We offer a no credit check loan process, Since approval from a private loaner comes based on present and not past history, a persons ability to repay the loan relies on their stability and insurance policy. We offer various loan products which are available and includes the following: commercial, residential, land, construction, business and personal Loans as well as others. Contact Us Now!

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